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Roommate Success Plan  

Purpose of the Success Plan
The purpose of this success plan is to give residents sharing a room/apartment the opportunity to examine each other's personal living style and preferences, while ensuring that the rights of each individual resident are respected.  Learning to accept each other's differences without infringing upon one another's freedom is an invaluable part of your learning experience.  As you discuss the various points of this plan, work toward achieving an agreement that is reasonable and  agreeable to all affected parties. Please keep in mind that at no time are you permitted to supersede the current Housing Terms and Conditions, available online at 

At the beginning of the fall semester, we will require residents to set aside time to discuss the following questions with their roommate(s) and resident assistant or peer advisor.  Residents will be required at the beginning of their second semester to review and/or modify this contract.  By dedicating adequate time to these questions now, you will hopefully avoid future conflicts.  Take time to complete this contract and explain each of your responses.  Be as honest and specific as possible. 

General Expectations
In addition to abiding by the current housing terms and conditions, Viterbo University housing expects you to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your roommate(s). 

  • Know and abide by the current housing terms and conditions.
  • Respect the right of others to read, study, and sleep free from undue interference.  Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of these rights.
  • Respect your roommates' right to free access to the room.
  • It is a privilege to have guests in the room/apartment.  Both you and your guests must respect the rights of your roommate(s) and other hall members.
  • It is everyone's responsibility to keep the building clean and tidy - even yours!
  • Respect your roommates' belongings - they are not yours.
  • Respect the personal privacy of others.
  • Settle conflicts peacefully.  Both your RA/PA and Community Coordinator are willing to assist you in resolving conflicts.
  • No one has the right to intimidate or cause physical or emotional harm to another person.
  • While the housing staff will assist you in resolving problems, it is your responsibility to actively participate in the solution.

RA / PA Completing this form:   RA / PA email: 

Residence Hall / Apartment     Room Number 

Roommate 1 Roommate 2 

Roommate 3 Roommate 4 

Roommate 5 

The right to study free from undue interference (i.e. noise, guests, light, etc.) in one's room.

The following times will be reserved for quiet study time:


Specific Hours: 

During study times, these background activities can take place:


The right to expect the respect of one's personal belongings. 
Please indicate how the following items maybe used / shared (i.e. yes, no, ask first. etc...) 

Radio / Stereo
CDs / DVD's
Desk items / Office supplies

The right to a clean and tidy environment in which to live:
Please note which roommate will be responsible for the following housekeeping duties and the frequency at which each should be performed. 

Trash removal: 

Vacuuming / floors: 


Deep cleaning: 

How often should each roommate straighten up his/her personal belongings?  

How often does laundry need to be done?  

How often do showers need to be taken?  

The right to free access to one's room and facilities without pressure from roommates:
Please indicate restrictions on phone usage (i.e. study hours, sleep hours)
When and where should someone talk on the phone or skype?

Conditions when windows may be opened  

If one of the roommates is going to be gone for an extended period of time, we should notify the other roommates how and when?  

The right to personal privacy 
Guests: please see the current student code of conduct for the full overnight guest/ visitation policy.

Are guests of a social nature permitted in the room during study hours?  

Are guests permitted during sleeping hours?  

How shouldovernight visitation be handled?  

How often may any roommate have an overnight guest? (must at least conform to the housing policy) 

How will each of us get enough time for ourself in the room without others?  

How do we inform the other roommate(s) that we would like alone time with our guest?  

How do we feel about sexual behavior in the room / apartment when the other roommate(s) are there or away?  

If you are away for the weekend, may I have a guest use your bed?  

When will the main door be left open?  

How do we feel about smoking, alcohol, and other drug usage in or out of the room / apartment?   
Helpful Insight 
If we are frustrated with each other, we will address it by     

How should we respond if one of us is approached by another with a problem?  

If things need to be changed on this roommate contract, we will resolve it in the following way  

Personal habits: please note any personal habits that may affect the relationships in the room  

Additional Topics  

If we as roommates have any concerns with the rights and agreements in the above roommate contract, we have the responsibility of taking the following steps in order to reach a mutually agreeable solution:

1. We must first honestly and openly talk with each other and attempt to work out the problem ourselves.
2. If the problem fails to be resolved, we will consult our Resident Assistant or Peer Advisor, who will work with us to find resolution to the problem.
3. Finally, if no other measures work to resolve the problem, we will consult the Community Coordinator to discuss our options, understanding that the Community Coordinator will first consult the Resident Assistant or Peer Advisor to gather information before meeting with us.

*By submitting this form you agree to all of the above.*