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Outstanding Student Organization Project - Nomination Form


The student organization being nominated for the Outstanding Project Award must: 

  • Be a recognized student organization.  
  • Have planned and implemented a program that: 
    • Significantly impacted individuals on the campus and/or in the community. 
    • Was creative and innovative. 
    • Enhanced the relationship between the groups on campus and/or the surrounding community. 
  • Have used many members of the organization to hold or carry out the project. 


Name of Nominator:   

Nominator’s Phone Number:  

Nominator's Email Address:  

Student Organization Nominated:  

Name of Project Nominated:  

Type of Project:


Date(s) Project Occurred:  


Brief Description of Project:  

Estimated Number of Hours Spent on Planning, Developing, and Executing the Project:  

Number of Student Organization Members Involved:  

Who was impacted from the project?                                                                                                                                                               

How were they effected by the project and what was acheived after completion of the project?                                                                                                 

What distinguishes this project from others, and why should the selection committee choose this organization for the award?   

Additional Comments: