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VU After Dark Editorial Artist and Programming Assistant Application

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 I would be interested in serving in this position for:


Full Name:                

Year in College:                 

Viterbo ID #


Current Cumulative GPA (if known):


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Current Address:

Please list any extra-curricular activities or jobs you anticipate holding over the next two semesters
(examples: Resident Advisor, RHC member, and FAC work study)


Please list names and dates of leadership positions or organizations you have taken part in within the last 3 years.  


Why do you want to work for VU After Dark?t? 


What qualities, skills, or experiences do you posses that would help you as a VU After Dark employee? 


What has been your most favorite VU After Dark event in the past and why? 



If selected for an interview, when could you complete a 30 minute interview on these various days? Please be generous and list several options for times.

Monday, January 20th

Tuesday, January 21st


Please list two references who qualify as (1) a Viterbo University Faculty, Staff, Administrator, or Resident Assistant and
(2) a current or recent employer. Please include contact information for the reference and the relationship to you.  


Reference 1:

Reference 2:

The submission of this application allows Campus Activities to verify my cumulative and semester grade point average with the Registrar’s Office.