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 Release From Housing and Dining Service Agreement (after May 1)


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Cancelation: Cancelation of the Housing and Dining Service Agreement is not possible except as provided in this Termination of Contract section. The resident is responsible for housing charges for the entire academic year unless the housing contract is terminated for one of the reasons listed below. To terminate your contract for one of the following, please complete the questions below:

(1) Assignment to a university-sponsored internship, research, or other program: if you have received an assignment to or are a participant in a university-sponsored internship, exchange, or other university program which requires living away from La Crosse.

(2) Medical or health problems: the Office of Residence Life may grant a termination of contract if, in its judgment, you have a severe medical or health problem which is directly affected by on-campus living. The resident must present documentation of the severity of the health problem through a medical service provider.

(3) Permission to live with parents or close relatives: you may apply for termination in order to live with parents who have moved to La Crosse after the contract was signed.

(4) Marriage: if you become married after entering into this contract, a copy of the marriage certificate must be presented before an application for termination will be considered.

(5) Graduation: completion of graduation requirements during the term of the contract.

(6) Transfer: If you are transferring to another university, proof of the transfer must be provided in when the letter is submitted.


Check the reason for your contract release request:



 Please provide a detailed explanation of your circumstances by answering the questions below. 

1. What has changed in your situation since signing the Housing and Dining Service Agreement? Please be as specific as possible. Send supporting documentation to Vickie Unferth, Director of Residence Life, 900 Viterbo Dr., La Crosse, WI 54601. 


2. How does this affect your ability to continue your obligation to the Housing and Dining Service Agreement?