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Report of Criminal Activity or Suspicious Behavior 

Do not use this form to report crimes or suspicious activity in progress. Instead, call 911.

Viterbo campus community members are encouraged to use this form to report a crime, serious incident, or suspicious activity taking place on or off campus. Examples include assault, graffiti, theft, vandalism, etc. 

The director of campus safety will follow up with investigation of all information submitted. Incidents requiring the attention or assistance of law enforcement will be forwarded as necessary.


Date and time of incident (if uncertain use an approximation)

Type of incident

Location of incident

Description of incident (provide as much detail as possible)


Gender of offender/suspect

Race of offender/suspect

Description of offender/suspect including age, clothing, hair color, height, weight, distinctive marks, words spoken, etc.


Name of offender/suspect if known

Address of offender/suspect if known


Description of vehicle


Other pertinent information


Your name (optional)

Your telephone number (optional)

Names and phone numbers of others willing to provide information on this situation (optional)



If this is an emergency, call 911. If it requires immediate attention, call campus safety at 608-796-3911.