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Student Behaviors that are Troubling, Disturbing, or Worrisome

If you think an emergency situation exists, call 911 for emergency services. Then call campus safety at 608-796-3911.

In recent years, on campuses nationwide, some behaviors of concern have not been reported. Sometimes, after a serious incident, individuals are able to recall comments, actions, and information that might have helped a campus in helping a student or preventing a tragic event.  

Please use this form to provide information on individuals or situations that are of concern or upsetting to you. By reporting this information, you become an essential advocate for a safe and healthy Viterbo environment. 

The information will be considered private. It will be shared only as needed to help the individual(s) mentioned or to prevent an incident.


Incident information (e.g., student making comments about harming self or others, student discussing or writing about death/suicide, student appears depressed, refuses help, etc.)


Date and time of concerning behavior

Name of individual of concern

Other identifying information about individual (e.g., campus location, license plate number, etc.)


Other information


Would you be willing to speak with a member of the behavioral intervention team about this situation?

Your name (optional)

Your telephone number (optional)

Names and phone numbers of others willing to provide information on this situation (optional)



If this is an emergency, call 911. If it requires immediate attention, call campus safety at 608-796-3911.