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Servant Leader Award Nomination Form

Viterbo faculty, staff, and administrators are eligible for the Viterbo University Servant Leader Award in recognition of demonstrable servant leader qualities and characteristics in interpersonal relationships, performance, and achievement. This award is given annually to a maximum of five (5) persons without regard to status, i.e., administrator, staff, faculty, or student.

Please incoporate the following criteria into your nomination:

  • Is sensitive to the needs of others
  • Brings out the best in others
  • Mentors others and encourages their self-expression
  • Facilitates personal growth in those who work with them
  • Focuses on achieving the goals of the university
  • Does the unexpected
  • Challenges the status quo in striving to find new directions
  • Upholds and supports the mission and values of the university
  • Indicate your assessment of the overall suitability/qualifications of the nominee for reception of the Servant Leader Award

Name of nominee:    

Nomination narrative:


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