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  Viterbo University Visit Evaluation

Thank you for visiting Viterbo University.  We would appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete the following survey so we are able to provide an even better experience for our future visitors.

1.  Would you mind telling us your name? (optional)     
2.  Please tell us if you are...     
3.  Would you be enrolling as a...     
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5.  What is your major?   


6.  Please indicate which activities you participated in today. (check all that apply)

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7.  Did your visit today make you more or less interested in attending Viterbo University?


8.  How likely are you to apply to Viterbo University?


If you participated in a campus tour during your visit, please indicate whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.  Otherwise, skip to question 9.

Name of Tour Guide:  (Can't remember? Click here)  
My tour guide was knowledgeable...      
My tour guide was professional...     
My tour guide was enthusiastic...     
My tour guide was a good college representative...     

9.  Did you meet with an Admission Counselor during your visit?     (skip to question 11)

Name of Admission Counselor:   (Can't remember? Click here)


10.  How did your Admission Counselor assist you in the following areas:

Application process:   

Financial Aid & scholarships:   

Information about your major:   

Viterbo University's campus life:   


11.  Did you view a class during your visit?           
What was the name or type of class?   

12.  How helpful will this class be in your decision-making of where to attend college?



13.  Did you meet with faculty during your visit?  Yes    

What was the professor's name?    In what department?   

14.  How helpful will this meeting be in your decision-making?   


15.  How would you rate your overall visit with Viterbo University compared to other college visits?


16.  Is there any additional information you wish to receive?   

Please use the space below to share any specific comments or recommendations for our campus visit program.