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The form below must be completed and submitted. Submissions are received and approved/declined by Director of Campus Activities and Orientation (for student organizations) or Director of Recreational Sports (for sports clubs).

Organization status enables the group to reserve on-campus facilities/rooms, use resources at Viterbo University, receive guidance from the office affiliated with your organization, and receive funding from the Student Government Association (SGA). Find a complete list of registered organizations online.

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Will you be requiring membership dues? If yes, how much per person? 

Please list below the name, position held, and email address for each club/organization officer.

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1.  Has the organization reviewed the Student Organization & Sport Club Handbook?    (Student Organization & Sport Club Handbook can be found online)

2.  Will the organization want to request funding/utilize an account through the business office? 

3. Does the organization hope to do some fundraising in the near future?  

4.  Will the organization want to have a website through Viterbo University?   

5.  Will the organization be utilizing a Facebook group or fan page?  What will be the name of the group or fan page?

6.  The organization must email a copy of the club's by-laws. Has the organization done this?

7. Does the organization plan to travel as a club?  

8. Does the organization need more info regarding organizational practices, university status, or help becoming a club?  Please list areas in need of help and/or questions.