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Paper Codes and Descriptions:




 02    8.5x11 White 20# $.006/st - $3.00 /rm  20    Labels 1x3.3 and 2x4 $.30/st
 03    8.5x14 White 20# $.006/st, $4.00/rm  22    Letterhead     $.055/st, $27.00/rm
 04    11x17 White 20# $.012/st, $6.00/rm  23    Second Sheet $.04/st, $20.00/rm
 05    8.5x11 Color 20# $.007/st, $3.50/rm  24   Clear Transparency $.33/st, $33.00/rm
 06    8.5x14 Color 20# $.009/st, $4.50/rm    
 07    11x17 Color 20# $.014/st, $7.00/rm ENVELOPES  
 08    8.5x11 Index 90# $.02/st, $5.00/rm  51     #10 First Class Envelope $.06/st, $31.00/rm
 09   8.5x14 Index 90# $.035/st, $8.25/rm  52     #10 Window Envelope $.07st, $37.00/rm
 10   11x17 Index 90# $.04/st, $10.00/rm  53      #10 Bulk Mail Envelope $.06/st, $31.00/rm
 11    8.5x11 Hot Colors 65# Cover $.04/st, $10.00/rm  54      #9 Business Reply Envelope $.03/st, $15.00/rm
 12    8.5x11 Parchment 65# Cover $.042/st, $10.50/rm  55      6x9.5 Envelope $.05/st, $25.00/rm
 13    8.5x11 Index Tabs 90# $.06/st, $14.75/rm

 56      9x12 Envelope

$.09/st, $45.00/rm
 14    8.5x11 Hot Colors 70# $.021/st, $10.50/rm

 57      10x13 Envelope

$.12/st, $60.00/rm
 17    8.5x11 Parchment/Linen $.021/st, $10.50rm

 58      A2 Envelope (note card envelope)

$.26/st, $64.00/rm
 18    8.5x14 Parchment/Linen 60# $.025/st, $12.87/rm  59     Viterbo University Note Card   $.17/st, $17.00/rm
 19    11x17 Parchment/Linen 60# $.042/st, $21.00/rm  60      Viterbo University Pocket Folder $1.00/st, $25.00/rm